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(May 12, 2020 was the 21st anniversary of the good and promising Urdu comic Syed Zameer Jafari who couldn’t be celebrated because of the Corona epidemic. This sketch of the deceased is being printed on this event. .)

If you keep in mind some individuals even after their demise, the smile on their face can’t be stopped. This “golden saying” of ours is 100% relevant to Hazrat Zameer Jafari. The pleasure of assembly him is as a lot now along with his creativeness, as a result of he was the embodiment of laughter, laughter and love.

I can't consider he doesn't exist. He had a really brief physique, a pointy voice, a pointy lower, lots of gossip, partying, a shiny pink face, a glowing cheek, a "expandable" brow, a curly hair on his head, an extended nostril, that But the glasses of thick glasses and thicker bows, the intelligence and mischievous cheerfulness within the eyes, clear shaven, lengthy stature, broad arms, protruding chest and even past that, the blessed stomach, for no matter function. Mention the facet. It could be higher to listen to slightly little bit of the story of the one who obtained the title of "Pir and Murshid" from his mates. Used to say;

God gave me this previous age

is out of date however my self made

Where did our mustaches go?

will ask this meeting

Mr. Pir! I don't provide you with something

Mann's phrases on the physique with this two three man fats

The skinny ("smart" individual in as we speak's terminology) didn’t meet their requirements of decency. Says ؎

Thin neck, skinny eyebrows, skinny lips, skinny waist

The sicker the person, the higher the person

Syed Zameer Jafari had a magnetic character. Whoever met him as soon as wished to see him once more. In the primary assembly, the individual in entrance would give the impression that they’ve recognized one another for years. Everyone was captivated by the dialog, the angle and the adoption. There was no vanity, fabrication and pleasure within the temper. The phrases have been stuffed with sweetness and pleasure. There was a pure tendency to be indignant, regardless of his small stature and erudition. That's why individuals have been drawn to him.

Krishna Chandra wrote in "Sixth Sense" that "every man keeps on identifying a certain kind of particle force with his personality. This force is either so enticing that every person, seeing a thousand evils, automatically pulls towards it, or it is so disgusting that every individual begins to hate it in spite of its most beautiful incarnation. And it all happens in the first moment when one person collides with another person. These particle waves are also strange, and perhaps that is why Einstein said that we are nothing more than ether waves. "That's what occurred to me after I first met him in 1997.

There was a literary occasion at Karachi Gymkhana and Jafari was within the viewers. Both chairs round them have been empty so I stated my identify and after slacking Alik I sat to his left. When he heard my identify, he was startled for a second after which requested me, "Aren't you the same SM Moin Qureshi who is writing in our" Punch "?" I confessed that I’m the identical within the Holy Prophet (noticed). "Moin" suffers whether or not you keep in mind or not. ("Punch" was the very best customary comedy journal in Pakistan with Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Col. Muhammad Khan, Sheikh Nazir and Jafari Sahib as its publishers.) Jafari Sahib was very comfortable to know this. For me too, this assembly was at least an honor. He stated that he used to learn Nachiz's writings in different literary magazines apart from "Punch". Now I needed to recite this poem in my coronary heart that ؎

O Zauq, to ​​meet a long-time colleague

Better to satisfy the Messiah and Khidr

Taking benefit of the chance, I requested him, "Sir, my first collection of Urdu humorous essays will be published soon under the title" Har Shakh Peh ". Dr. Wazir Agha, Mushtaq Yousifi, Muhammad Khalid Akhtar, Mushfiqur Khawaja, Dr. Abul Khair Kashfi, Irshad Ahmad Khan, Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi and lots of different celebrities have given their views on the draft. My want and request is that when you additionally write a couple of traces, the respect of the guide might be doubled. It was as in the event that they have been prepared. I used to be suggested to offer them with copies of a minimum of ten chosen articles from the guide. At that point, his son Major General Ehtesham Zameer was the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of Karachi and Jafri was residing with him in Malir Cantt. I took the tackle and mailed them photocopies of ten articles.

Per week later, in distinction to the brief essays of different gents, an in depth essay was obtained from Mr. Jafari by which he described this humble man as "the fountain of salt, the mountain of salt". This was a sign that I began writing comedy with Majeed Lahori's "Namakdan". In this regard, he wrote that among the many new writers of "Namakdan", Moin Qureshi's idea had a novel psychological euphoria. His writings have been on the similar time fashionable and culturally circulating … "This valuable prose piece was included in" Every Branch … "however since then it has been included in each guide of my comics. Introduction is printed with blessings.

I don’t forget the night of February 17, 1998, when a galaxy of students and writers gathered at my home (Siddique House, Karachi). Among them are Jamiluddin Ali (with Begum Ali), Mushtaq Yousifi (with Begum Yousifi), Azhar Hassan Siddiqui (with Begum Siddiqui) Ragheb Muradabadi, Qamar Ali Abbasi (with Begum Nilufar Abbasi), Naseem Durrani, Hafiz Ba Haleem, Genius working personalities like Zia-ul-Haq Qasmi, Dr. Haroon Siddiqui Shahid have been included however the soul of the occasion was Syed Zameer Jafari. As Dr. Jameel Jalebi wrote for him, "Where there is Zameer Jafari, there are four moons for a flourishing party." For about an hour earlier than the meal and for 2 hours after the meal, the scholar stated that he ought to say one thing else. Someone hear. Aali ji and Yousifi Sahib would very cleverly depart a path at brief intervals and Jafari Sahib would open a brand new workplace of humorous occasions. Along with the dialog, the ordering course of additionally continued. On that night time, he additionally laughed and sang the minds of the intellectuals by reciting his well-known poem "Ped Akro". These few poems are nonetheless remembered یاد

Create light-heartedness with enthusiasm

Tyrants! Even slightly wheat however produce

Sheikh, Adviser, Ombudsman, Mullah, Whose Listen?

Dude, create a reliable man

Hazrat Iqbal's kings have flown away from superstition

Create your personal native animal now

Jafari Sahib was a poet, the "lexicographer" was additionally indignant. Such phrases have been introduced into the phrase that the good linguists couldn’t even attain their meanings and ideas. At my request, he began reciting his poem "Conscience"

Disappointed and helpless are orphans and helpless

They are additionally growing like Murree

Whose phrase is uncooked, similar phrase

The hand that holds the nudisters is the helper

When this lion arrived

couldn’t open his mouth to today that he

Reh al-Harir that Christ is the Messiah

So Aali Ji stated, "Pir and Murshid, (stuck) What do these Reh-e-Harir and Masih-ul-Masir mean?" Jafari Sahib replied very forgetfully, "Nothing" and the occasion of saffron czar. Became.

Syed Zameer Jafari was born on January 1, 1916 in Chak Abdul Khaliq, a village in Jhelum District of the Punjab. However, based on the union council, main faculty and matriculation certificates, you have been born thrice as a result of all three locations have totally different dates of delivery. He obtained his main training from his village faculty and his secondary training from Government High School, Jhelum. In the matriculation examination, he proved that he was a real Muslim in such a approach that he failed in arithmetic. However, he handed Inter and handed BA from Islamia College, Lahore.

Poetry started within the seventh grade. After finishing his training, Koch stepped into journalism and began working as an assistant editor in Maulana Chirag Hassan Hasrat's newspaper "Shiraz". After a while he moved to Delhi and have become a clerk. If this career didn’t work out, he obtained a fee within the military and served in Singapore throughout the Second World War. He was within the military's public relations division. Famous writers like Majeed Malik, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Chirag Hassan Hasrat, NM Rashid, Hafeez Jalandhari and Siddique Salik have been related to this division.

He resigned from the captaincy in 1949, took off his khaki uniform and returned to journalism, however failed and returned to uniform. For the second time, he retired as a serious and continued to work in varied civilian companies, together with the Capital Development Authority (CDA). He is likely one of the first bricklayers in Islamabad. Once he stole curiosity in politics and took part in elections however it’s a custom that the election marketing campaign was run sincerely by the opposing candidate. Thus, he achieved the identical end result that Hakim Muhammad Saeed Shaheed had achieved with such a futile effort. His "favorite" candidate gained.

Jafari was additionally a poet, author, translator, columnist and novelist. He was so versatile and fast to compose that, because the saying goes, "I liked the preface for breakfast, the lunch for the column, the tea for the ghazal, and the dinner for the presidential address." Bhalkar was so highly effective that he by no means wrote a speech for an occasion. It was dealt with a lot that it was not obtainable on time. So as a substitute of losing time looking, they’d write hand in hand. His literary capital contains twenty-four collections of poetry and twenty-five books of prose, 5 of that are based mostly on a collection of diaries (written between 1943 and 1997). In the diaries, too, his eloquence was at its peak, for instance, within the diary of September 26, 1971, he writes on the finish of an Urs chronicle: "Nazir Badshah said that after spending thirty thousand rupees in cash, fifteen live goats and one hundred and fifty." While giving azans, the roosters got here in helpful. However, he is named a comic. "Mafi-ul-Zameer", "Zameer-e-Zarafat", "Sargoshiyan", "Velayati Saffron" and "Masdas-e-Badhaali" are a few of the fashionable collections of his humorous poetry. Prose capital contains sketches ("book faces") and a novel along with a diary entitled "Loss." His humor is a marquee of simplicity, politeness, eloquence and pleasure. Never bargained for high quality. He lashed out on the unrest, injustice, inequality, hypocrisy, enmity, envy, hatred, malice, hypocrisy and innumerable different afflictions within the society however in such a approach that the person / class who was focused cried out.

Looks like abuses are higher than mouths

Sacrifice your then inform me in the identical approach


The attributes of current response, wit and viewpoint have been over Jafari. He, General Zia-ul-Haq and Hafeez Jalandhari have been current at a gathering. Listening to Jafari's verbal petals, Hafeez Sahib stated in his typical informal method, "Hey Jafari, when you were my subordinate in the army, you were just a fool." Today he’s speaking with nice pleasure! ”Jafari Sahib replied in Turkish,“ Sir, all this is the benefit of being away from you. ” According to Syed Zameer Jafari, “Humor can be defined as something that creates a sense of pleasure, a sense of joy and a sense of excitement in your nature, your soul and your tastes. Then there is the need to maintain a literary aspect and a mental level in this humor. It develops a settled and refined feeling and this feeling has a far-reaching effect on life. ”The similar factor was stated by a widely known comic of India (the late GM Ahmed Khawamkha).

Humor additionally requires eloquence and the Aristocracy

Donkeys aren’t horses by being saddled.

The supply of humor is disappointment. But the humorist additionally expresses emotion in a light-hearted approach. The reader might or might not attain the grief of the comic, however it’s the responsibility of the author to have the primary response to his work of thoughts. Someone ought to ask Mr. Jafari how troublesome it’s to attain this purpose. Said;

What do those that see my face know

How Many Tears I Drink To Smile

This sharp satire on Allama Iqbal's expression of devotion to the nation is sufficient to make us bow our necks.

Sometimes in a yr we maintain Majlis-e-Iqbal

Then what they do after that they are saying

A extra sarcastic and thought-provoking comparability of the financial and social situations of Asia and the United States might not be doable. Says ؎

Asking The Difference Between Asia And America

What is in our home is of their museum

Mr. Jaffery additionally translated some comedian strips into English. For instance, the English poet and satirist John Dryden wrote his spouse's laughing plaque:

Here lies my spouse; right here let her lie!

Now she is at relaxation, and so am I.

Mr. Jafari translated it on this sensible and pleasing approach:

My spouse is mendacity within the grave.

She can also be comfy and I’m additionally comfy

Mr. Jafari additionally excelled in critical talking. His collections of poems and ghazals "Khalian" and "Qariyat-e-Jaan" present ample proof of this truth. See this poem of morality ؎

I want we may do one thing like this.

That Gina Really Be A Beauty, A Reward

See additionally this outstanding level;

This interval, albeit turbulent, however

When was the primary time?

Or this bitter actuality ؎

When boundaries are damaged solely from the skin

The booty may even be inside his city

Although Jafari was a soldier, he at all times sang songs of peace.

Explicit harm in each single shade

When Who Has Won Victory In War

Guarantees are unarmed individuals of world peace

There aren’t any wars the place there aren’t any armies

Syed Zameer Jafari (the late) was awarded a number of honors in recognition of his literary providers. In 1936, he obtained the Humayun Gold Medal from Sir Abdul Qadir. The authorities of Pakistan awarded him the Quaid-e-Azam Medal in 1967 and the Presidential Medal for Excellence in 1985. One of his virtues was that his contemporaries, even juniors, didn’t use stinginess in praising and inspiring writers. The well-known comic Nazir Ahmed Sheikh was his nappy. On his demise on March 17, 1971, Jafari Sahib wrote in his diary, "The greatest and greatest Urdu poet of our time passed away." At the start of 1999, Syed Zameer Jafari Sahib turned severely ailing. He was taken to London for remedy however didn’t recuperate. He even left Darfani on May 12, 1999. He lived to be 83 years previous. He irrigated Gulistan-e-Zarafat for about 60 years and was referred to as "Babae Zarafat". He by no means turned depressed himself and didn’t need to see others depressed. He informed himself about his goosebumps.

Tell Time to End Jafari's Conscience

Whenever seen might be seen

In his life and after his demise, his contemporaries paid homage to him in their very own colours. "Emperor of Humor" Dilawar Figar wrote an in depth article on his poetry which was included within the January 2009 difficulty of the month-to-month "Neerang-e-Khayal" (Rawalpindi). This article concludes with these descriptive phrases, “We claim that Zameer Sahib is selected and unique in his art. The world will remember them. The guarantee of this is his (reference) poems. ”The following are the impressions of another well-known poets:

Nazir Ahmad Sheikh

The events are colourful with their colorings

Perennial earthquake of laughter is Major Conscience

Zia-ul-Haq Qasimi

He is the daddy of humor, we’re his kids

We are fifty-five years previous and he’s seventy-five years previous.

Ragheb Amradabadi

The knowledge symbols of poetry are described

Mamdooh Zia Qasmi is described as

Baba Zarafat can also be your title

Syed is, Zameer Jafri is described

Sarfraz Shahid

Ambassador of Light and Happiness

which had a novel shade of humor

Gone are the Sony Literature Conferences

"The soul of the party was God-given conscience"

Anwar Shoor

Happiness spreads all through his life

Says Hazrat Zameer's coronary heart is damaged

Prof. Inayat Ali Khan

You have been the conscience of Bazm-e-Ahl-e-Sukhan, who will now belief us

With your reminiscence, the interval of Tilak, the shock of unconsciousness will stay with us

Saeed Agha

You have been additionally distinctive after Akbarullah Abadi

In this regard we’re referred to as imitators

Farhat Nadeem Humayun

Lo chal diye zameer; bhi daman ko jhar ke

They are not festivals of Urdu poetry

They Are Leaving Us To You

Hazrat Figar ؔ You aren’t alone

Muhammad Mumtaz Rashid

He had a love affair with everybody

Everyone was captivated by his eloquence

It was a mirror with mirrors in it.

Syed Zameer Jafari was everybody's conscience

Khalid Athar

He was a poet in addition to a author and a soldier

He was Zameer Jafari who was additionally conscious

I finish this sketch with this poem by Mr. Jafari ؎

The soul of the occasion was God-given conscience

You've been married for some time now

It might be clear when you distort the second syllable and skim "above" as a substitute of "husband". N

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